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An Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party


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When Sophie told me she wanted an Alice In Wonderland birthday party, my mind immediately went into Super-Party planning mode.  I always envision the the party I would throw if I had unlimited funds.  Then I scale back, and scale back, as I decide what is reasonable and solidify the plans. 

The first thing I did was watch the movie with the kids.  I took note of all the interesting things that came to mind.  I wish I had acted on some of them, but time and money were just not sufficient. 

Sophie in Wonderland

My Mom made the costume; Sophie felt like the real deal!

Then I went online to find all things Alice.  Of course I searched Pinterest, and found lots of great ideas.  Some of those ideas, like some of mine, didn’t make the cut, but it sure was fun to see what others have done to make awesome Alice parties.  There are so many different angles you can take to planning an Alice party.  Of course, many of the ones you find online will be related to the newer Alice movie, but Sophie is in love with the 1951 version, so that is what I stuck with.  Even then, you can go with a red/white/black playing card theme or the jewel toned color styling of Mary Blair, who did concept art for the 1951 Alice in Wonderland.  I decided to base my decorations on the Mad Hatter’s table.  I lovingly referred to the style as “Old Lady Chic”. I used a lot of pastel colors too, it just felt right with the lovely spring weather.

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I like to start a party out with some sort of activity to wear the kids out.  We were fortunate to have a lovely day, so we played on the playground.  I found a croquet set at Walmart for $15, so I grabbed it.  Croquet is a classic game that is nice to have handy.  It’s also an iconic part of the movie, though, sadly, we were missing the flamingos and hedgehogs.  I wasn’t concerned with an actual game and following rules.  I thought it would be enough fun just hitting the balls with the mallets.  I think I was right, but Sophie had to be taught not to throw the balls, so keep that in mind if you ever play croquet with a 4 year old.


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When it was time for tea, we had all the kids sit down at the table.  Having a long main table gave the same feel as the movie, with Sophie in the Seat of Honor at the end of the table, just like Alice in the movie.


I have to add that there were several boys at the party.  They were too cool for some of the food, but they had a blast with the tea.  They even had second cups. You just never know when it comes to boys.


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I love my little Alice.  Isn’t she sweet?

IMG_5337 copy

This look is SO Sophie.  I see this all the time.

IMG_5339 copy

IMG_5347 copy

Sophie opened her presents in the armchair.  We pulled it back from the table a bit so everyone could see.

IMG_5359 copy

Here, Sophie has just opened a Tinker Bell doll.  She already had one, but this one has a different outfit.  She was so excited she hugged it.  I love how she just forgot about the room and loved her present. 

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Brushing possible bad luck aside, Geggie and Sophie opened her new umbrella.  These pictures are priceless and some of my favorites from the party.

IMG_5369 copy

So cute!

I mentioned before that to create the feeling of a messy table, I just filled the table with decorations.  Well, after the kids were done with it, it was, indeed, messy.  Almost Mad Hatter messy. 


05 copy


IMG_5383 copy

I had originally thought about packs of playing cards for party favors for the kids.  But I really wanted to use my cute little rabbit cookie cutter, so I packaged little cookies for the guests to take home.  I was easily able to make enough for all guests, (not just the kids), with plenty to spare. 

IMG_5395 copy

Of course, they had to be offered in a small chest.  I used the one Pop gave Sophie for Christmas.  It has her name on the top.

IMG_5388 copy


Thank you to everyone who helped Sophie have a Wonderful Un-Birthday party.  Here’s a look back at the other party posts in case you missed one, or are dreaming up your own Alice In Wonderland Party.


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Bonus: Here is my Pinterest inspiration board.

Have fun creating a world of your own!


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Barbara said...

I LOVE this! I too have an Alice inspiration pinterest board and hope my 2 year old wants an Alice party someday.