Friday, April 20, 2012

Sophie In Wonderland: Decorations


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Decorating for Sophie’s Un-Birthday Tea Party was so much fun!  My Sister-In-Law, Leigh (who is a decorating genius), and I did most of it the night before the party.


If you’ve seen the movie, you will know that when Alice meets the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse, they are in the midst of a crazy, messy tea party.  I wanted to have the feel of crazy and messy without it actually being those things.  The way to accomplish that is to fill the table as much as possible.  The busy table worked really well.  Here’s how we did it.  First, like in the movie, we moved three long tables end to end to make one long table.  We covered them in pink tablecloths and put a red arm chair at the end. (Notice the rose wreathalier and lanterns above the table.)

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I was inspired by a pin on Pinterest; a nifty table runner.


I was able to track down the original link, which has a tutorial, yay!

I loved the idea of a doily table runner, I knew it would help add good “chaos” to the table.  We used different sizes of paper doilies and just arranged them on the table.  We didn’t even tape them down and it worked just fine.

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A Tea Party needs tea of course, and decorating with useful items like teapots, sugar, and creamer was a no brainer.

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Filling in extra space were some little figurines we found on sale at a Disney Store Outlet.  We sure were in the right place at the right time! 

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A few of my tea canisters made their way to the tables.

Leigh filled teacups and mugs with flowers and placed those around the table too.


There were little blooms strewn around the table as well.


Before I moved on from the main table, I have to show you my favorite decoration of the party…

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Just a doily taped to the back of the armchair.  Love it!

For the wee kids’ table, I placed a few doilies and Sophie’s plastic tea set.  Fun!

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The grown ups didn’t have their own tables; we just had chairs lined up around the room.  So there was a buffet table for them.

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Leigh brought her Grandmother’s tablecloth that we placed over a cheap blue tablecloth.

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Watching over the table is a white rabbit I picked up at Hobby Lobby, (half price after Easter!)

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If you look back at the picture of the long table above, you’ll see the “present table” to the right.  We decorated it with the two “photoshoped” pictures of Sophie, an Alice picture my Mom snagged at Goodwill, and a Golden Book.

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IMG_5394 copy

IMG_5392 copy

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After presents were cleared from the table, I added a wooden chest with a take-home treat for our guests.

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Tea Party Menu Coming soon…

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