Monday, November 15, 2010

National Bundt Day

Today is National Bundt Day! Mary, The Food Librarian has been celebrating with bundt cakes for the last 30 days! That's a lot of cake! Be sure to take a look at her post today with the round-up of this year's bundts. And if that isn't crazy enough, check out her fantastic wedding dessert bar.

My Bundt Cake was inspired by a muffin recipe from my friend Lauren. First let me give you the muffin recipe, and then we'll turn it into a bundt.

Pumpkin Spice Muffins
makes 12

1 box Spice Cake Mix
1 15 oz. can of Pumpkin
1/2 cup water

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Mix all ingredients together well, then pour into greased muffin cups. Bake for 22-24 minutes. Immediately after removing from oven, cut a slit in the top of the muffin and add a dab of butter to it.

For the Bundt:
Mix ingredients as directed above, adding 3 eggs mixture. Bake according to the bundt cake direction on your cake mix box. Top with a dusting of powdered sugar or cream cheese icing would be nice. (I added eggs only to give the bundt a little more height, you can of course do without.)

Have a Happy Bundt Day!

Here's a link to see all the participating Bundt Cakes.


EHisCDN said...

I didn't even know it was bundt day so thanks for telling me! I'll have to celebrate next year. That bundt cake looks delicious.

Jenniffer said...

Elizabeth, thanks for your comments on my blog! I didn't realize we're practically next door neighbors!! Anyhoo, this bundt cake looks super delicious!

The Food Librarian said...

Yummy! I love pumpkin bundts! Thanks for your kind words (I've been called crazy all over the interwebs! :) ha ha) and for baking along with me this National Bundt Day. I mailed your button today! I hope you and the other Tennessee Bundt makers spread the Bundt love. - mary the food librarian

Heidi said...

I think I was bit over zealous in my purchasing of cans of pumpkin. I can use one of my extras to make this.