Monday, April 12, 2010

A Minnie Mouse Birthday

My baby is two now, and to celebrate we had a Minnie Mouse birthday party. I thought I'd walk you through some things we did to make give her a great party.

Balloons from Party City

The Minnie Mouse Mylar balloon couldn't have been more perfect. The other balloons are pink, white and black pearlescent to match Minnie.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mouse Ears and Toys


Hot Digety Dog! If you have ever seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, then you are familiar with the Hot Dog Dance. We had hot dogs with the usual condiments, plus homemade chili and coleslaw from Captain D's. The hot dogs we grilled on our indoor electric grill: the only way we cook hot dogs at home! We kept them warm in a crock pot until time to eat.

The above photo shows Sophie trying to reach the chips and dip. I don't blame her, because we had Mayfield's French Onion Dip. If you don't have access to THE BEST French onion dip there is, I am so sorry for you.

You can also see our cute pinwheels we used as "flower" decorations. Each child got to take one home. Behind the chips you can see a tiny pink pail with white polka dots: perfect for Minnie. There are more balloons attached and for extra weight they are filled with jelly beans. Get it? They're "full of beans"! The pails and a few other things came from Hobby Lobby and were on sale!

Don't get mad at me...but I used a boxed cake mix for these cuppies. Actually, I don't care what people think about using boxed cake mix, because it's a no-brainer, and they tasted great. However, you won't find me buying canned frosting. No way! Not when making a homemade butter cream is
this easy. I just added lots of pink food coloring and a tiny bit of purple to make this color. I had originally planned to cut small marshmallows in half to make polka dots, but the rosy swirls were just too pretty to mess with. The pink baking cups came from The Sugar Shoppe, here in Chattanooga. They gave me a great tip to prevent the cupcake pulling away from the paper. Use two baking cups when baking and then when they are cool, you can either serve them doubled or take the outer baking cup off and save for later use. It worked great!

Sophie had a surprise for everyone at her party. She got to announce what her baby brother's name will be. We asked her what her baby's name was and she said, "Leemom", (Liam). How cute!

Sophie had a wonderful birthday party. I want to thank all our guests for coming and having fun, and the family members who helped out too.

Go check out yesterday's post by Bakerella. She had a great post, just wish it had come sooner. Too cute!

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Little Step said...

Elizabeth, we had a fun time at Sophie's party...and the cupcakes were beautiful AND tasty! Congrats again on Liam - we're all looking forward to meeting him in a few months :-)

EHisCDN said...

That sounds and looks like just about the best party ever! When I saw the picture of those cupcakes I thought they were definitely professionally made!
Congratulations on baby Liam! (Leemom is a pretty cute nickname - if it ends up sticking around).
And congrats to Sophie for turning 2! Happy Birthday

How To Be Perfect said...

Firstly what a fantastic idea! Secondly I love your blog, so when I recieved this Sunshine Award I decided to pass it on to you.

x x x