Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!

Since today is Earth Day, I think it's a great time to introduce you to Sophie's project. I've told you of her great love of apples, but that is nothing compared to her love of tomatoes. You probably have never seen a child gobble up tomatoes like she does, at least we haven't.

It only seemed right that she should have her own tomato plant this year. She can help take care of it, and once the tomatoes are ready, she can help pick them and eat them! We bought a cherry tomato plant for her and on Tuesday we planted it in our Topsy Turvy planter.

She's very proud of her plant.

We have great expectations for this little plant. When we bought the plant, the cashier noticed I'm pregnant and said that I better plant it, it would grow. So I guess that one of the indicators of pregnancy is a green thumb. We'll see.

Sophie's "Uh-mato Pwant"

I'll keep you posted on this project's progress, and once we have some tomatoes, I will share a recipe or two as well. In the meantime, I need to go find something else to plant!

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