Monday, July 6, 2009

Sounds of the Sea

This month I have a lot of fun projects going on. One is that I have entered a cake contest over at Threadcakes. First I had to pick a design from, a community based t-shirt company. Then I made a cake representing it. Here is the design I chose:

Sounds of the Sea

And here is the cake I made...

I chose Sounds of the Sea because I have a very musical family, and I thought it was appropriate. I initially planned on making a 2D cake, but then thought I'd give 3D a try. I spread the process over 3 days, doing a little at a time, so I wasn't overwhelmed. I started out with a chocolate cake batter baked in a mixing bowl to go ahead and give it some shape. Then I stacked it up on a six inch round. I did some carving and made the front of the cake flat to represent the piano part of the whale, and added a semicircle of extra cake for the tail and to round off the top. I then iced and covered with fondant. I trimed the fondant to be shaped like the fin and tail. I used Wilton's Color Mist in black, so that the fondant would be edible. Then I used leftover white fondant to cut out the keys/teeth and eye. Then I used a little bit of black food color paste to paint the eye. For the spout I used the dowl that I would insert for stability. I melted white chocolate and piped the water onto parchment paper and then added the dowel and continued piping till covered. The music note was made with fondant and sprayed with the color mist and glued to the top with the white chocolate. Everyone thought the cake was cute and yummy too! Go check out my entry to see more pics.

Ahab would be pleased.

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