Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Grocery List For You


In my attempt to be more organized, I have created a grocery list to help me keep track of what we need.  And because I love you, I’m making it available to you too!

grocery list preview

Click here to download this file for free!

Since I don’t fancy printing one of these babies each week, I printed mine on cardstock and have laminated it and put it on my fridge with a dry erase pen and small eraser nearby.  I plan on keeping track of what we are out of there, but will write a separate list just for going to the store.  We live so close to a grocery store that we don’t generally go on giant shopping trips anyway, so this will work out well for us.  However, I won’t judge you if you want one for each trip.

Please enjoy this and look forward to more freebies in the future!

Thanks to The Graphics Fairy for making this and many more graphics available to use!

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