Saturday, December 17, 2011

One Year Olds ROCK!!



Last Saturday we celebrated my nephew’s first birthday. 


My nephew, Logan, ROCKS!!


I made the cupcakes for the party.  They were so good they made you wanna smash your guitar. 

To make the really cool, almost tie-died icing, just fill your decorator’s bag with two colors of icing, keeping them separated, each color taking up half the bag.  Pipe your swirls as usual.


Decorating for the party was fun.  Among the decorations were microwaved CDs. 

Here’s a random YouTube video that shows how:

When you party like a Rock Star, you usually end up destroying things.


Every Rocker needs some cool shades right?


The cupcakes were a smash…in the face.  “What was that for, Mom?”


Logan had his first real taste of sugar.  He ate almost the whole cupcake. 

Has everyone made these by now?  If not, what’s taking you so long?  These are THE BEST CUPCAKES EVER!!!


I couldn’t leave without showing you my cute little one year old.  Liam is learning to use a spoon and is so proud of himself.

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Adorable photos!! Those cupcakes look darn delicious.