Monday, August 15, 2011

A Hoppin’ Party: The Invitations

Our little Liam is growing up too fast!  This weekend we celebrated his first birthday with a hoppin’ froggy party.  It was so much fun!  I’ve been very busy the last few weeks with planning and preparations, but it was so worth it; you’ll soon see what I mean.  I’ve got a lot to show you, so I’m going to spread this out over several days.

I’m also using this week as a way to introduce you to a new section of my blog: A Girl In Her Kitchen Crafts.  It just so happens that I do a lot of non-cooking projects in my kitchen.  It has great daytime lighting and LOTS of counter space.  This week’s craft posts will be duplicated in the crafting blog.  In the future, they will, with few exceptions, be found only in the crafting section.  You can follow the crafting blog in blogger or with Networked Blogs, (see the right hand side of the craft blog.)  Or you can just pop in from time to time to see if I’ve been up to anything new.

We’ll begin with the invitations to Liam’s birthday party.  I made them using Microsoft PowerPoint. 

First, I scanned into my computer a few pieces of scrapbook paper in blues and greens.


In PowerPoint I arranged the paper to where the front of the card would be.  I used more paper to create 3 little rectangles where I then added black and white photos of Liam at different times during his first year. At the bottom I wrote Look who’s turning one!


Here’s a peek at the inside.  I found both the frog and the poem online.


The back of the card (not shown) also had his monogram for a nice little touch.  After printing, I stuffed them into light blue envelopes. 

These were easy to make and so cute.  If the guests were like me, they displayed their invitations where they could bask in the cuteness.

I’m sharing this project, literally, by making it available in Google documents.  Hopefully, you can edit it there for your own little one.  Or you can write me for it at emcook17[at]comcast[dot]net.     

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