Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Tummy

The other day I was craving fresh baked, chocolate chip cookies. Sounds good huh? The only problem was I was out of chocolate chips. *Sigh* But then I saw a post on the Tasty Kitchen blog. Chocolate Cobbler? It happened that I had all the ingredients in my kitchen. I've never been so desperate to try out a recipe before, I just had to make this! I asked my husband to pick up some vanilla ice cream on his way home from work to further enjoy this dessert.

Chocolate Cobbler, or Self-Saucing Pudding as it is called by some, is like a brownie with chocolate sauce wrapped up in one dish. It's really easy to make too! I must insist that you serve with vanilla ice cream, you'll be missing out if you don't. I used regular cocoa powder, but I can't wait to try it with dark cocoa powder next time, ( as seen in the blog).

Check out the blog post here at Tasty Kitchen to see beautiful step-by-step photos.

Click here for the printable recipe submitted by Susan Hawkins.

To see the printable recipes I have submitted, click “Tasty Kitchen” under Labels on the right side of my blog. This will bring up a list of posts with printable recipes.

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EHisCDN said...

That photo and description made my mouth water. If I wasn't sick I would go and make that right now!